Washer and Dryer Repair Chesapeake VA

At Greenbrier Appliance Repair, we understand the importance of a smooth functioning household. Aside from your other daily tasks, a major part of your responsibilities include cooking, cleaning, and yes, laundry.

When any of the primary tools used to accomplish your work every day fails, it upsets the normal routine and requires adjustments quickly.

We would like you to know that whenever your kitchen, cooking, or laundry appliances need servicing, we are here to help. Just a phone call is all it takes to take advantage of our five-star service and experience top notch, professional appliance repair.

Today’s high-efficiency washers (HE) require less water and soap, and in most cases are dependable machines. Dryers, with their auto moisture sensing help take the guesswork out of dry times. But, they are machines and they will fail, and always at the worst time.

That’s when you need trained and experienced technicians to repair your washer and dryer. Problems such as a broken lid lock on a top-load machine, or a clogged or defective drain pump on a front-load washer won’t slow us down.


Washer Repair

One of the common problems with top-load washers is a tendency for them to stop spinning or leave clothes too wet after a wash. New washers have a hidden cycle built-in that protects the washer from the effects of overloading, and will trigger without notice.

It’s called the auto-correct cycle that detects when the load is too heavy to spin safely, or is out of balance and can’t enter high speed spin. Many people have never heard of this cycle, and wonder why it pauses before the final spin and drains the water, then fills again, and agitates. After a short agitation, the water drains and another spin starts.

If the new spin attempt fails, the control tries to enter the final spin two more times. If it feels it cannot safely enter the final spin, it pauses the cycle once again, drains the water, and turns off.

Usually, removing some weight and rebalancing the load will solve the problem. If a mechanical problem exists that won’t allow further operation, it’s time to call Greenbrier Appliance Repair for efficient and timely washing machine repair.

Dryer Repair

We know dryers as reliable machines because they’re simpler with fewer moving parts. They, too, have their issues. No heat is by far the most common problem, but we hear about long dry times, too. Aside from an open heater, other causes like an open thermal fuse or open high-limit thermostat can trigger the same symptom.

A common reason for long dry times is a clogged dryer vent. It’s not a machine related problem, and it can also cause a low-heat or no heat condition because the hot, trapped air can’t escape and forces the thermostat to respond by keeping the heater off.