Refrigerator Repair in Chesapeake Virginia

Refrigerators are experiencing a major change in how they keep food cold or ice frozen. The EPA has mandated that R134a Freon is no longer allowed as a refrigerant in all refrigerators as of January 1st, 2024. It’s because of the danger R134a poses to the atmosphere.

That’s why technicians must reclaim used refrigerant when working on sealed systems in these units. Instead, a popular replacement that is not dangerous to the environment is R600a. There are some issues with this.



For starters, it’s made from Butane, a highly flammable substance. This makes using a torch to solder connections in a sealed system an extreme fire hazard and not allowed. To compensate, a new connection method called Lokring™ is gaining in popularity as the only reasonable solution.

Lokring™ uses metal fittings compressed onto the copper lines with special (and expensive) tools designed for that purpose. To be clear, R600a is flammable, yes, but the tiny amount required for a refrigerator’s sealed system creates a sudden flash and it’s over.

Still, it’s very dangerous if the person doesn’t have the training or certification by the EPA for this type of work. In fact, it’s the law. There’s no reason to fear using R600a, as long as it’s treated with care and used according to the guidelines.

Please know that Greenbrier Appliance Repair is fully aware of the transition to this new refrigerant and our promise to you is that our technicians will receive the training and certifications to safely and effectively perform refrigerator repair, regardless of make or manufacturer.