Oven and Stove Repair in Chesapeake Virginia


For many people, the idea of attempting to repair their cooking appliances is a strange venture into the unknown. Just how does that element get hot, and how can we fix it when it doesn’t work? That’s a question only a professional technician can answer completely.

Fortunately, we can do that and a lot more. At Greenbrier Appliance Repair, we pride ourselves in taking the time to explain to our customers what we do and why. After all, we feel you have the right to know what we’re doing to your appliances.

The result is a working oven or stove, perhaps better than before it stopped working. We go beyond the repair and explain what we did and why, including tips and techniques to help make your experience with your appliance easier and more enjoyable.


Oven Repair

The last thing you need to happen when you’re making dinner is the oven to stop baking. You set it to preheat and come back to put your dinner inside, only to realize it’s not working.

Many times this problem is as simple as a defective bake or broil element, or a defective ignitor in a gas oven. In most cases it’s a quick repair by our trained technicians and you’ll have your oven back in short order.

Stove Repair

Sometimes you realize your oven stopped working, but your stove works fine. It’s puzzling for sure, but the real reason usually stems from a burnt terminal block on the back of the unit. Repairing a stove has its challenges, but they’re not difficult to fix in most cases.

Stove problems can range from a power input problem to burned out surface elements, defective infinite switches, or a combination of all three at the same time. Regardless of the cause, you can be sure our fully trained technicians have the knowledge and skill to repair your stove quickly and safely.